AMS Parent Workshop “Parents, Stress, and the Teenage Brain” – March 9th at 7 PM / AMS Library

Please join us for our next AMS Parent Education Workshop and PTA Meeting on Thursday 3/9 at 7 PM. The meeting will be held in the library. We will feature a very informative Parent Education Workshop focused on “Parents, Stress and the Teenage Brain”, presented by Pat LaDouceur, Ph.D.
  • Pat LaDouceur, Ph.D., helps middle, high school, and college students study smarter, get better grades, and still have time for friends and fun. As a psychotherapist, Board Certified neurofeedback practitioner, and former credentialed secondary school teacher. She has taught middle school math, high school chemistry, college social sciences, and has 30 years of her own schooling under her belt. She is the mother of college-age twins, and provides Academic Life Coaching in Berkeley, CA.
Please join us! The presentation will be very interactive and you will walk out of the room with strategies you can use right away to help your teen succeed. 
Parents, Stress, and the Teenage Brain:
Is your teen struggling in school – or doing well, but stressed and overloaded? Why do some students get excellent grades and enjoy learning, while others procrastinate, forget about assignments, or feel overwhelmed?
In this 60-minute interactive presentation you will discover…
  • How school has changed since YOU were there – and what you need to know to help your teen succeed in and out of the classroom
  • Cutting-edge concepts in brain development that will help you communicate with your teen without them feeling like you’re nagging or criticizing
  • A simple but powerful tool that will help your teen manage time better, so they can stay organized and on top of their assignments
  • The myth about motivation that gets in the way of effective studying – and how to get past it
  • How to help your teen de-stress – and calm the strong emotions that come up when your teen actively resists your help
  • Imagine your son or daughter pro-actively managing their workload, asking for help, and working toward their future. Picture your teen managing more and taking on less, so she/he isn’t so stressed or overloaded. This is possible when they have the skills to plan, organize, set goals and accomplish them

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