AMS Announcements for September 3

cobras300Cobra Caughtcha Winners: 6th:Treilani Johnson ; 7th:Taeha Ryu ; 8th:Salome Monnet

In the Morning

Please do not be on campus more than 20 minutes before class- 7:40am for 7/8th graders or 6th graders with a first period and 8:30am for 6th graders who do not have a 1st period.

Locker Assignment

Lockers will continue to be assigned to students today in the courtyard under the stairs. 8th graders will be assigned their lockers today and Thursday at lunch or after school. 7th graders will be assigned their lockers on Friday and Tuesday, September 8th at lunch or after school.

Students must share a locker with one other student who is in the same grade. Students interested in being assigned a locker can either purchase a lock or bring their own. To purchase a lock, students must bring $6 exact change or a check payable to AUSD. If bringing their own lock, it must be a Master Lock V15. Students who do not have the appropriate lock will not be assigned a locker.

Lastly, to expedite the locker assignment process, students should bring either their printed schedule with their name on it or their name clearly written on a piece of paper.

Flag Football

Tryouts for Flag Football continue today at 5:00pm on the softball fields.

Volleyball Tryout Schedule:

Today: 3:30-5:00

** All tryouts will take place in the AMS gym

Student Council Meeting

The first student council meeting will be Wednesday September 9th at 7:30 am in the AMS library. All advisory representatives should plan on attending.

Garden Club

Hey gardeners, Garden Club will start the Tuesday after Labor Day. See you then. If you want to be an officer, come with your election speech.

Drama Club

The first Drama Club Meeting of the year will be held  today Sept. 3rd during lunch, 12:35-1:00, in P-1 (portable on the blacktop). Open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. You may bring your lunch. We will be holding officer elections and discussing options for the school play this spring. If you want to be an officer, prepare a short speech. Come join us!

Lunchtime Reminders

Students, please do not be in the school building at lunch (except the library).  You can access the bathrooms from the courtyard.  Hallways are completely off limits. We will be allowing cards to be played in the Atrium at the tables.

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