Monthly Archives: September 2014

AMS Announcements 9/25/14

Cobra Caughtcha Winners: 6th:Tamsin Urbas; 7th:Lhagva Damdinbazar; 8th: Alex Cortez Please excuse the 7A and 8A volleyball teams today at 2:45 for their games against Walnut Creek Intermediate.  Players must be dressed in uniform, and ready to board the bus at 2:55 sharp.  Go Cobras! Attention Sound Crew:  Important training […]

AMS Announcements 9/24/14

Cobra Caughtcha Winners: 6th: Nan Wemmer; 7th: AJ Gilbert; 8th: Nadia Meky No Noontime Volleyball today Science Olympiad meets today, Wed., afterschool in room 216. This is a reminder that the Diversity Gay Straight Alliance meets today, during 7th and 8th grade Advisory — that’s 11:40 to noon— in Room […]

AMS Announcements 9/23/14

Please excuse the volleyball teams today at 2:45 for their away games at Orinda Intermediate School.  Players must be dressed in uniform and ready to board the bus at 2:55pm sharp.  Good luck Cobras! Noontime Volleyball today: Clark v. Backowski Loftus v. Bryndza   Attention P.E. students:  This is Make […]

AMS Announcements 9/19/14

Cobra Caughtcha Winners: 6th: 7th:8th: Noontime Volleyball today: Clark v. Fryer Loftus v. Morris Students: Talk to your science teacher about the Albany beach clean up tomorrow! You may be able to earn extra credit. Albany Beach 9am – 12pm. Today is the last day to change electives. The Ultimate […]

AMS Announcements 9/18/14

Cobra Caughtcha Winners: 6th: Sam Black 7th: Zach Adler 8th:Shauhin Pourshayegan Please remind your parents/guardians that tonight is Back to School Night. If you didnt’ give them your schedule yesterday, please give it to them today after school. Thank you. Art club starts today at lunch in the art room. […]

AMS Announcements 9/17/14

Cobra Caughtcha Winners: 6th: Tyson Park 7th:Trinidad Sauma 8th: Marcus Kosma In Advisory today, you will be filling out your schedules for Back to School Night. Please take these home today and give them to your parents/guardians. Thank you. Come cheer on the volleyball teams today for their first home […]